Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blackwire 22/10/2011 Spew Your Guts Up, Ray, Yes Im Leaving, Cock Safari

Spew Your Guts Up
Yes Im Leaving
Cock Safari

Spew Your Guts Up / Social Death Squad
Split Cassette
Flip To Presant 001
Handscreened inserts
Limited to 100
Contact to get your copy or stroll into Blackwire Records 219 Parramatta Rd Annandale to pick one up or remain seated

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Decolonise Festival II 2011

Friday 10/6/11 Blackwire

Per Purpose
Hira Hira
Ether Rag
Video Nasty
Spoon Fed

Video Nasty videos

Saturday 11/6/11 Midian

White Male Dumbinance
Infinite Void
Cabin Fever
Do Not Resuscitate
Social Death Squad
Last Measure
Burning Servant

Sunday 12/6/11 Midian

Deep Heat
Steppin Razor
Spew Your Guts Up
Kids On Glue
Obat Batuk



Burning Servant - i rocked up late only got the last few songs.
Last Measure - only got the first few songs cause my memory card filled up
Deep Heat - same as above
Video Nasty - forgot